Event Talent and Entertainment Management

Why is entertainment important at an event?

  1. Generates Interest:

For example, if your event is a product launch, you’ll be looking to generate interest from the audience. Most product launches occur at large exhibition centres or conferences, where many a brand is competing to show off their wares to attendees and receive the most ‘buzz’ for their product. But how can you entice someone over to your booth? Entertainment such as stilt walkers or live music incorporating drums is sure to grab people’s attention from across the room. Once they’ve wandered over, keep things visual. Nobody will share your product on Instagram or other social media networks if there isn’t something for others away from the exhibition to enjoy. Make no mistake about it, entertainment is crucial at product launches.

2. To Entertain:

The main purpose of entertainment in any setting is to entertain! You don’t want invited guests leaving after one free drink and a couple of canapés, bored out of their mind after speaking to Mark from Accounts for the last hour. If you break up the evening with a few headline entertainment choices (with a few strolling entertainers like magicians and caricaturists thrown in), then everybody will remember your event or party much more fondly than if you simply leave attendees in a room with nothing else planned.

3. Forging Links:

We just mentioned strolling entertainment but when it comes to networking, there really is nothing better to help break the ice between two parties who might be hoping to have a chat but have no idea how to get talking informally. With a magician, both people can be amazed and use the tricks as a springboard to ‘talking business’. Other forms of entertainment like a caricaturist or silhouette artist often get people talking as well, whilst also enticing a small crowd when reactions are positive.


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